Mihaela Topai
Mihaela Topai

I’m a person among people. Born and raised in Romania by a Romanian mother and a Hungarian father. Life brought me to Belgium, so I go on with it here.

I’m also – interchangeably and sometimes in different combinations – woman, partner, mother, psychologist, friend, etc. Secretly, I’m also still from time to time a little girl.

I’m told I come across as a warm and calm person and that this has a soothing effect on people. You’ll have to discover this yourself.

I’m enthralled by the inner life of people and I can listen with great fascination to their stories, their way of thinking, their emotions and everything they want to share.

I prefer one-on-one contacts, because it’s in that medium that – in my eyes and experience – what lives inside a person dares to come out. In that connection between two people is there a real opportunity to thoroughly look at and express that which is felt and thought.

I enjoy taking steps, together with other people, in the desired direction.
I like to do things with a little bit of humor, because I love to laugh. And the smile lines on my face that come along with this, I take with pleasure.

I enjoy quietness, and reading. But also having fun and playing with my daughter. I adore being outdoors; whether it’s for gardening, a bike ride or a stroll, it really doesn’t matter.

You think we might have a good connection? Let’s test it out! Make an appointment for an introductory session!

Does it click? Fantastic! Then we walk a path together!
It doesn’t click? I search together with you for another alternative.

Education, recognition and experience

I received a Master in clinical psychology at the University Babes-Bolyai (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and I’m recognized by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists (no. 822119299 ).

Earlier I have worked with chronically ill people, focused on adjusting to and living with a chronical illness.

My own experience with early motherhood combined with my training, experience and passion for psychology resulted in this project through which I offer support to people who experience mental and emotional difficulties with the coming of a baby. I am currently following a course “post partum consultant”.