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Information on the website

Ooh mama toch!” spends a lot of love, attention and care to its website www.oohmamatoch.be. I strive for all information to be as complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date as possible. Despite every effort it may happen that the information is not complete, correct, accurate, up-to-date or is not displayed as such.

If the information on this website has any shortcomings, “Ooh mama toch!” will do everything to rectify this as soon as possible. If you find any errors, you may contact the website administrator. Please use the contact form. I strive to process your notification as soon as possible and to reply to you within 5 work days.

I aim to display the prices mentioned as accurate as possible. Errors that originate from programming or spelling mistakes and are recognizable as such, can never be a basis to claim or imply a contract or an agreement with “Ooh mama toch!“.

Ooh mama toch!” labors to keep technical interruptions at a minimum. I however cannot guarantee that the website will be free of such interruptions and other technical difficulties.

Intellectual property

The use of information on this website is free and you may print and/or download this information for own personal use. Without written consent from “Ooh mama toch!” it is not permitted to re-use text, photos or other sources on this website, for any use other than strictly personal. Intellectual property is solely owned by”Ooh mama toch!“.

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Problems with third party links can always be signaled to “Ooh mama toch!” through the contact form.


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