A pregnancy is all about that growing belly, about the physical development of the baby in the womb and about the practicalities of the delivery and what’s next.

But you know what else it is?

A pregnancy is also a chance to build a bond with your baby.
It’s also something that (on average) you experience only a few times in your life. It’s not a bad idea to slow down and really take it in.

A pregnancy is also limited in length. You have the opportunity of carrying your baby safely in your belly for (only) 9 months. Be mindful of this and don’t forget to take your time to mentally part with the baby-in-the-womb phase.

A pregnancy is also a chance for a mental preparation for parenthood and raising a child. And by this I don’t mean a preparation in the sense of reading everything that falls in your hands. I’m not talking about gaining knowledge. I mean: take a step back and really ask yourself how you are doing.
Is there peace in your mind or are you worrying about a thousand-and-one things?
Are you happy or rather sad? Do you have a good connection with people around you (parents, close family) or are you carrying baggage that should actually be dealt with?

It’s in the long-term benefit of yourself, as well as of your baby (and partner and couple) to begin this journey with a peaceful and clear mind, free (or as free as possible) from conflicts, from negative unhelpfull thoughts and emotions. Having a child is a life-changing experience. And as such experiences tend to do: it brings up unresolved issues. This is something you really don’t need while you’re trying to get a grip on your new life.

Are you or your partner pregnant and cannot enjoy this for some reason?
Did you follow info sessions here and there, but you still have the feeling that you don’t know what’s waiting for you?
Or are there other aspects that you’d like to discuss?

Let me know!