The only predictable thing about a delivery is that it will happen. That may sound rough, but it’s true.

Whether it’ll be a natural birth, at home or in the hospital, with or without epidural, early or late, etc. we don’t control at all! And yet, consciously or unconsciously, we have expecations about how it will go. Often (but certainly not always!) it’s doesn’t go according to plan.
Because labour went differently than you had in mind.
Because the waves the midwife spoke of in prenatal class, in reference to contractions, turned out to be tsunamis and however hard you tried, you could not stay on top of them.
Because the people around you (family or care givers) didn’t behave the way you imagined.
Because you had to ask for an epidural even though you secretely promised yourself you wouldn’t do this.
Because that underwater birth seemed the perfect way to go and for one reason or another it wasn’t allowed in your case. The list goes on.

Even though at the end of it you got a healthy baby in your arms, you still ended up with a negative feeling. That’s ok: you’re allowed to have those feelings, you may feel them and you may express them.

What you shouldn’t do, is keep this all inside. Write it down, tell it to someone that wants to listen, don’t stay silent about it until that moment you no longer feel the need to tell it.

You’re just not there yet? Come tell me about it! I will give you my undivided attention and full support.

Let me know!